February 6, 2017

KVM vs OpenVZ

Why we choose KVM virtualization technology?
Virtualization has evolved and its future is written! KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) now can be considered the leading virtualization technique that uses VPS hosting environment. KVM has a unique resource management and the marvelous hosting services it provides become quickly the number one choice of expert webmasters.

Since virtualization was firstly adapted many vendors have created numerous virtualization technologies in order to utilize the hardware resources and make the best use out of them.

Nowadays we have to major technologies competing.So one permanent question arises What Should I use KVM or OpenVZ virtual private servers?
Let’s agree that the answer to that question mainly depends on how you plan to use your virtual machine, the size of your work and how much processing power it needs.
However here are our reasons to offer KVM VPS machines and why we think it is best to use them.
Overselling is when a host company oversell a server hoping that clients don’t use their maximum resources while overselling is a hell with something like OpenVZ, KVM technology on the other hand doesn’t suffer from it as every machine has its own dedicated hardware (real hardware virtualization).
Separated Kernel With the separated Kernel you can compile your own kernel .This point has two approaches it can be considered that using a shared kernel would increase security as the system is secured through all users using the kernel another approach that the seperate kernel gives you the freedom to act and compile anything . Things like Samba server and Java programs would give you hard time trying to make it work on OpenVZ while it can work smoothly and straight forward on KVM based machines.
Operating System OpenVZ can only host Linux OS while on the other hand you can host the OS you want Linux, Windows or any other.
Price and affordability While OpenVZ machines are more affordable KVM machines gives you great potentials and 100% of RAM and disk resources dedicated to you.

So here is our reasons why we think KVM is the rising technology that will keep our clients satisfied

KVM gives increased customization and reliability with dedicated virtual hardware including a network card, disk and even a graphic adapter .The KVM VPS is very easy and suitable for organizations who desire to manage their VPS without going through all the technological details. It can be directly managed through Windows or through a Remote Desktop operation. It can be also be commanded directly using a VNC type application which connects directly from a server which passes the Operating System. KVM is designed for the sake of full hardware virtualization which make sure that all resources are utilized well and are guaranteed to act efficiently. So in trying the system, you can be sure that all the resources that you require are always available as you need them. Ultimately, KVM helps virtual private servers to have full hardware virtualization. The VPS can be customized to suit the requirements and needs of every organization regardless to its size or even the complication of processes that each organization perform or require.


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